• Arancini

  • Cannoli

  • Caponata di melanzane

  • Caponatuna

  • Cassata Siciliana

  • Couscous di pesce

  • Grigliata di pesce

  • Involtini alla siciliana

  • Panelle

  • Pasta alla norma

  • Pasta con le sarde

  • Risotto ai frutti di mare

  • Sfincione

  • Torrone

  • Torta sette veli

  • Vigneto


Sicilian cuisine is famous all over the world for its mixture of aromas, ingredients and flavours. A culinary tradition inherited from different people that dominated Sicily in different  period. A delicious variety of dishes await you, therefore, to delight your palate and discover the history of our country also at the table.

The traditional fish or meat grill flavoured with various herbs, as well as the green and black olives, the ricotta salata and the honey go back to the days of the Greek colonies in Sicily when the echo of the banquets of tyrants of Syracuse and Agrigento came up in Athens.

The wine, produced from the already famous Sicilian vineyards, accompanied all the dishes.  In Sicily and in the province of Agrigento D.O.C wines are still produced, white and red wines, known and popular throughout the world. Over the Greek and Roman heritage, the major contributions to Sicilian cuisine come from three people: Arab, French and Spanish.

The Arabs introduced the sweet-and-sour cooking, eggplant, raisins, saffron and spices, rice, chickpeas, pistachios, sugar cane, Almond nougat, cinnamon, candied fruit, Marzipan, citrus, fruit sorbets.

We owe to the French  the use of sauces, cakes, rollò of meat, meatballs, ragu, while the Spanish  introduced  in Sicilian cuisine tomatoes, potatoes, use of breading, the omelets, the sponge cake and chocolate.

From the  creative re-composition of this  inheritance we have  many delicious Sicilian dishes: caponata di melanzane, pasta alla norma, pasta con le sarde, frittata di fave, peas or broccoli, fish soups, involtini di pesce, pizza, sfincioni, arancini, panelle, just to name a few. The triumph of Sicilian cuisine is the pastry: cakes, desserts and pastries made with ricotta cheese, chocolate, fruit, almonds, pistachios and honey into a thousand pieces and colours.

The Sicilian pastry is so rich to deserve almost an entire chapter to itself. We only mention the cassata, cannoli, torta sette veli, torroni, pasticcini alla mandorla, ricci al pistacchio, biscotti al sesamo, buccellati, granite di frutta and ice cream in different flavours.
You can taste some of these delicious dishes and sweets in our Restaurant or follow our tempting suggestions.

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