• Castello di Favara

  • Chiesa S.Maria dei Greci

  • Duomo

  • Ex Collegio dei Filippini

  • Fam

  • Favara Farm-Cultural-Park

  • Monastero di Santo Spirito

  • Museo Diocesano

  • Naro Chiesa San Francesco

  • Teatro Pirandello

  • Via Atenea


Agrigento has medieval  marks  of great interest  in his Old Town: a characteristic Arabesque labyrinth of alleyways that , from the central street, via Atenea, reach some "hidden gems" as the Monastery of the Holy Spirit, the Church of S. Maria dei Greci, the Cathedral and the Episcopal Palace.

The magnificent Monastery of the Holy Spirit, with his elegant and lancet portals, was founded at the end of the 13th century by the family Chiaramonte: one of the most influential and wealthiest families of that time in Sicily. Next to the Monastery, there is the homonymous Church which houses beautiful stuccoes of the late 600 's famous sculptor Giacomo Serpotta from Palermo.

Another place not to be missed is the Church of Santa Maria dei Greci, built around the XII-XIII century  on the still visible base of a Greek temple of the 6th century b.c., maybe dedicated to the goddess Athena. At the top of the Hill of the Old Town, lies the Cathedral founded at the end of the 11th century by S. Gerlando, the first Norman Bishop after the Arab domination and now patron of the city. Remodelled over the centuries, today the Cathedral looks like a wondrous example of different styles.

In the same area is the Episcopal Palace which was radically transformed in 1700 by incorporating pre-existing structures. Inside is the MUDIA, the Diocesan Museum, which houses furnishings, vestments and sacred objects that tell the story of the agrigentine Diocesi from the 12th to the 19th century.

Via Atenea, lined with shops, bars and cafés, is the historical heart of the city. By walking you can easily find some famous art galleries, such as FAM-Chiaramontane Factories, the pinacoteca comunale of Ex-College of Filipinos, as well as other places of great interest such as the Pirandello Theatre. At 13 Km from Agrigento, in the Old Town of the city of Favara we suggest visiting the medieval  chiaramontan Castle, and, in the same area, the FARM Cultural Park with several interesting contemporary art installations. If you love Baroque style, we suggest  visiting the city of Naro, at 35 km from Agrigento.

The Chiesa Madre, and the churches of the SS. Salvatore, San Nicolò, St. Augustine and St. Francis are among the most beautiful examples of Sicilian baroque. In Naro the medieval Castle that dominates the city is another evidence of the supremacy of Chiaramonte’s in Sicily.

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Via Atenea: at 6 km distance from the Hotel.